Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Guarantee deposit
A deposit in the amount of BGN 1 000 /one thousand Bulgarian leva/ shall be paid in at the lease of the camper. It shall be refunded in full at return when the camper is disposed:
– at the agreed time and place
– clean and charged with fuel, with a cleaned toilet, available keys, without any shortages in kitchen and hotel equipment, reflected in a bilateral protocol /inventory/, charged bottles of propane butane.

2. Payments
– In cash
– Through a bank transfer and all the bank charges related to the transfer shall be at the expense of the Initiator

3. Drivers
They should be at the age between 25 and 60 years and should have had a driving license for at least 2 years. They should not have on record any current violations.
The driving license and the control counterfoil shall be presented for verification at the execution of the documents.

4. Options included in the price:
Two camping tables and six chairs
Bedlinen (sheets, pillows)
Stand for bicycles, for four pieces
Kitchen staff – plates, glasses, forks, knives
Navigation system

5. A fee for the following shall be additionally paid, to wit:
Uncleaned toilet cartridge – BGN 50
Unwashed interior of the camper – 50 BGN
In event of non-performance of the obligation to fill up the fuel tank, after its full filling up the due amount for the fuel shall be paid.

6. Lease period:
The delivery of the camper by the Lessor to the Lessee shall be made on a working day within the time from 8 am to 8 p.m. at the base in Plovdiv.
The delivery in another settlement shall be made as follows:
Sofia – not earlier than 11 a.m.
Varna – not earlier than 12 a.m.
Burgas – not earlier than 11 a.m.
In all the locations indicated herein above, the camper shall be returned with a full fuel tank.
The disposition of the camper shall be not later than 4 p.m. applicable for all the above locations.
No money refund for earlier disposition of the camper.
If you take the camper later than the agreed time, you shall not be entitled to later return.
In case of lease and return of campers from/to: Sofia, Varna, Burgas or from a location indicated by you, a there is a fee payable for the transportation of the camper to the relevant location.
If the customer returns the camper after 4 p.m. on the agreed day of the return, one more day of lease shall be charged.

7. The following are included in the lease price:
Full Autocasco (Damages to the roof structure of the caravan caused due to non-observation of limitations for maximal height shall be paid in full by the Lessee. In this event, the insurance against all risks shall not apply.)
Third Party Liability Insurance
A full fuel tank
A full clean water reservoir
A cleaned toilet cartridge
A bottle of propane butane
A notarially certified Power of Attorney in Bulgarian and English for the driving of vehicle

8. Malfunctions, damages, accidents and repairs:
If any malfunctions or damages in the caravan arise after the commencement of the lease period, the Lessee shall be obligated to notify promptly the Lessor by phone.
The Lessee shall bear responsibility for all the expenses resulting from a violation of the Road Traffic Act.
In event of an accident, the Lessee shall be obligated to notify the Traffic Police of the country, where the road traffic accident occurred, as well as the Lessor.
The Lessee shall be obligated to request from the relevant authorities a document for the accident. Otherwise, after return all the costs for the repairs shall be at his expense. He shall be obligated to check up regularly the level of oil in the engine, the pressure of the tyres and the air cushions.
IT IS ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED for the camper to tow or be towed by another motor vehicle!
All the malfunctions, breakages and repairs resulting from negligence and mala fide management on the part of the Lessee, shall be at his expense.
The Lessee shall not receive any other vehicle if he used the caravan mala fide or the damage was caused by negligence.
The driver shall bear in full the responsibility for damages caused in case of drink-driving, irrespective of the availability of a road traffic accident record issued by the relevant authorities.
In events of damage, breakage or an accident resulting from negligence or carelessness by a third party /proven by a protocol by the Traffic Police/, and not by the Lessee, which prevents him from utilizing the caravan of full value, this fact should be communicated promptly to the on-duty service of the Lessor.
In case the Lessor is not able to provide another camper for the lease period, he shall refund to the Lessee only the amount proportional to the days which remained unused in the lease period. The refund shall be effected when the Lessor himself receives the insurance compensation with regard to that accident.
All the amounts for any urgent repairs made on the camper and paid by the Lessee shall be refunded by the Lessor at the return against submission of original invoices.
No expenses shall be refunded for repairs, replacement or explosion of a tyre.
The Lessor shall not bear responsibility for the consequences at non-observation of the legislation and the Road Traffic Act of the relevant country.
The Lessor shall not bear responsibility at occurrence of circumstances beyond his control which cause changes in the route /natural disasters, military actions, mass protests, strikes, etc./, which hinder the scheduled happening.

12. Cancellation of booking and default penalties:
The Lessor shall reserve the right to cancel a booking when:
– a driving license or an identity card are expired or their term expires during the traveling
– no guarantee deposit is made
– at non-observation of the terms for payment and submission of the needed documents on the part of the Lessee, as well as at submission of false or inaccurate documents
In these events all the amounts paid by the Lessee under the Lease Contract shall not be non-refundable.
In event that the Lessee terminates the traveling at his wish, he shall not be entitled to lodge claims for refunding of amounts.
The observation of the Contract provisions shall guarantee an unforgettable holiday for you and your family.
These General Conditions shall apply at the conclusion of each Camper Lease Contract and shall be mandatory for the Parties thereto.